Wine coolers are functional and attractive modern storage technologies. There are various models available in the market that differ based on their features, operating costs and how often they require maintenance. For a 300mm wine fridge, there is options of dual-zone and single zone fridge, freestanding and built-in fridge, thermoelectric and compressor cooling system.

How do costs differ?

Depending upon your preferences, how you want your collection to be stored, what are your temperature concerns, and how you wish to decorate your storage space all sum up to be a huge amount. Wine chillers can hold more wine bottles than a standard fridge with specified temperature and humidity controls. If you’re fully concerned with the costs, then a slimline or mini wine fridge is a good option with other DIY elements including wine racks, shelves, and drawers. Find out more options at

Size and craftsmanship

Another factor to take into account is whether a standalone wine cooler would suffice or if a completely integrated unit is preferable. For collections of nearly any size, offer a variety of stylish, integrated under-counter options. Well, if you’re concerned about more quantity like around 60 bottles, then you’ll have to dedicate a whole storage space to a wine collection like a cabinet or a wine cellar.